Transformation using technology -by Simran Jagtiani, Grade 10, DONBOSCO

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January 11, 2017
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Transformation using technology -by Simran Jagtiani, Grade 10, DONBOSCO


24th September 2050,

Today is my birthday and I have my best birthday gift ever. What is it?  It’s self-satisfaction. From what? Okay, let me tell you. It has been 8 months living in a remote village in Pimpaldhar in Maharashtra. I had got a PhD degree from IISc and I was sent in this village for research work with my humanoid robot, Roka. I had my own flying car that can become a submarine. Who would have thought 35 years from now that something like this would be so common in cities? I had my own RV which was given to me by my research institute as I didn’t know about the living conditions in the village. At first, I was infuriated, had I studied for so many years and my parents invested so much many in my education so that I should go and stay in a village. In the car as I was going to Pimphaldhar, I was very annoyed. The day, I reached the village, I didn’t do any work, I just went and slept in my RV. All those people were so backward. A strange “gobar” smell disturbed me all the time. Suddenly, that night as I was not able to sleep, I thought that in 2050 when India as a whole boasts of having the world class facilities, these people are living as they were 40 years ago. Don’t they want to change or is no one giving them an opportunity.  I thought of helping them. The next morning, I went an interacted with the people; they were very hospitable and welcoming. They told that they want some a lot of changes in their village and that they feel left back from the whole of India. I asked them if they knew how to read. An old man told me that whoever was educated from the nearby town went to the cities to work and none of them there were literate, that day itself, I programmed my robot to teach the people. We had two sessions in the village, in the morning and evening and two classes, one led by me and the other led by my robot. Some people who were working in the cities and occasionally came to meet their parents in the village were affected by my social service and offered to help me. I told that they were most welcome. Slowly, we put videos of what we were doing in the village and it went viral. Thousands of people sent funds and some came to volunteer. There was also a problem of insufficient supply of electricity. With the money that was collected, we installed a solar unit on the roof of every house. These solar units are nowadays very cheap and wonder why the government didn’t help them install it.After this installation, they had regular supply of electricity. Also, they still practiced traditional agricultural methods, as the machinery was not available anywhere close to the village. My robot Roka went in the flying car to get the machinery required and other inputs. As we put more videos of our progress in the village, more money started pouring in. volunteers came in from different parts of India. different agricultural practices were suggested to the farmers which they readily accepted for example terrace farming in the hilly region of the village , multiple cropping , da , while touring the village , I saw some tribal in the nearby forest . I asked the villagers whether they had a good understanding with the Adivasi’s .

I told them that if they could ask the tribal for commercially valuable honey from the Adivasi for the wheat and other crops the villagers gave them .this would give them an alternative source of income . I also told them that they should start large scale animal husbandry . with the help of modern technology , such hybrids of cattle which gave enormous amounts of milk much more than the hybrids 40 years ago due to continuous and extensive hybridization.. The villagers were unaware of this fact . I wrote a letter to the institute in India which carried experiments for hybridization. I send them a virtual message regarding the issue . After a few weeks I got a message assuring to give full support and to send about 100 hybrids of cattle to these villagers free of cost in order to boost development in India .they also promised to set up a veterinary hospital in a few hospitals in this village for the welfare of the hybrids .  Meanwhile , my robot along with teaching the villagers ,also helped them with thee agricultural and other related work . He could almost to work 10-12 times the speed of a human . Yes, that’s it I got the idea , robots in the villages of India would help to develop the villages . They could work faster and also more scientifically . But to get a whole workforce of robots in the village would not be an easy task. For now, we would have to do some more things to make the village independent and developed. I was thinking what I should next . It took me about 2 weeks until I got the idea . When I was going to  other side of the village by the lake . I realized that the lake had the potential to change the face of the village . The lake could be made into recreational place. There were hills around the village and the village had adequate amount of natural beauty that could bring tourism to the village . Tourism not only brings a lot of income but also some existing problems would be noticed by the government if the village was in some sort of limelight. But the lake was very dirty . I went to my RV and looked for some equipment and alas I found the super vacuum which could also be used to remove dirt from in a 2 hours , the whole lake was crystal clear . I told the villagers that this lake could become their road to progress. The people of Pimpaldhar were actually very sweet. They made their traditional and tasty delicacies and gave them to me to eat. There was this very traditional and beautiful embroidery native to their village. The women of the village often use this unique embroidery in shawls , pillow covers and quilts . They didn’t realize potential of this unique craft . I too didn’t realize it . It came to my notice when I posted a picture of me sitting with the villagers and one of the women was wearing a shawl with this embroidery. One of my friends told me that the shawl is very pretty . Is it available there / that’s when I realize that this embroidery is indeed special. In this world , where handmade and traditional designs have lost importance and just getting a glimpse of it is great luck . So if possible the robots could be taught this craft and this long last craft would help them to make a lot of income and also be known for their craft. Bringing development to this village has helped to find my true dream . My wish is to bring development to all the villages in India. I hope in the next few years , I will be able to achieve my dream . It is not necessary to make inventions but to give it to those who need it . True development will only be achieved when every single person is able to get what he deserves and aspires and be able to achieve his dreams without any obstructions.

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