Transformation using technology- By Senithu Niduwara Dharmasiri, India International School

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January 13, 2017
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Transformation using technology- By Senithu Niduwara Dharmasiri, India International School

Name of student : Master. Senithu Niduwara Dharmasiri.

Class                 : 5th N(India International School)

I finish my education and return to my home. After a break I feel I have to start to put my gained knowledge to practice .so I search an area where I could start this …

One day one of my friends who lives in India and well known about the surround inform me about a very rural area which is very far and people who lives very hard time, so I decided to go there.

One morning I with my colleges started our journey, it took all the daytime and reach the area just above to the sunset, we found one small hotel which is a very rural type even without electricity was shocked and I wondered because this is 2025.Had a very uncomfortable night without our usual accessories, I decided somehow I will help this people to come over to a better life.

Had breakfast and came out with my friend John. Start to have a walk around the village. All small

Houses and very hard livings around, I start to think from where I have to start, I met a very senior person and had a chat and found electricity is the main resource which they need to start develop.

While walking around beside the village about two kilometers far I found a very nice stream flowing by.  I started to think.

After a long walk till afternoon came to the room with my friend and had a late lunch, and a small nap, met John in the restaurant in the evening while having a tea, discuss about the day. He also agreed with me about my idea and his idea is also the same of mine. Use the river to develop the city,

Met the head of the village and convey my ideas to him. When he heard that I can help them to get electricity using the river he surprised and beg me to help him and he was very pleased,

I return home in the night and start to think from where I have to start my project.

Next day morning I start to write my project regarding this, The whole day spend to this, finish writing in the next day  and went again with the writing ,

I send my project to a senior person in my university to get his help to find a sponsor. With my superiors help I could find a reputed company to come across this.

Within a month after submitting my proposal to the company they come with me to a site visit, the village people were very happy and thanking me a lot, after another month of the site visit they start their project. So I also had to be with them to look through the work, within a one year the finish a mini hydro power station, the provincial minister came for the inauguration,

Now the village is not in dark. Gradually villagers are using the resources to make their day today life easy. Streets are not dark, the hotel which I stood the very first day is moderate, all rooms Having fan and hot water with light, farmers are using water pumps, so many little advantages … I m very happy, I did something from my knowledge to my country and for some undeveloped villages, I feel a proud about me. So again started thinking of developing this village better. I said about this plan to my friend john.  Next morning we both met the head of the village and we started talking of my plan. and  my plan is to build  up  the  roads  because  if  it rains  a lot, Roads will be full of water. Saw I called road development authority to develop the road

And so after one month I started again doing

my job. One year passed and now roads are really

Nice and the chief minister of road development authority came to the opening ceremony. people  thanked  me a lot  for making the road ,  and now I was proud  about what I  did now  it has electricity , fine roads , pure  water and it became a  little bit  modern  but still there  are things  to do there  are   more  problems like  no bus service  or taxies and  lot  more. Do you think  is there  a  advantage  of roads without  bus services  or  taxies  no  right ,  so I  decided to put two or three  buses  and  taxies.

I  discussed  about this  with  my friend john and the  head  of the village  and  they even accepted .and even my friend john  had a friend who has  bus  and  taxi drivers .and I made  the taxies  and  busses for  free .after  like  one  week the bus  service and  taxi  service were  there  too  . and  the villagers  were  pleased about me and  my friend  john .now  the problem was there  were no houses to people   and  the hospital was  also so rusty and old . I  decided  to  break it and  make a  new  one  and for me and john needed the  permission of  the health  minister and  the head of  the  village . I had a friend who is the sectary of the health minister.  I said  everything to him and he said  he  will  ask the minister  and inform  us .they allowed us  to  break  the hospital and make it  new.

And even he will help us .one year passed and the new hospital was also build. Now the rural village became to a small town I and my friend was in TV too.  and me  and  john  were so  proud and  happy  about  what we  did .even the head of the village said me and my friend to develop the village. The village school was only till fifth and very small .now the head of the village needs to make it big .as he said to us to make the school we discuss used with teachers and principal of the school and we build it

It took  one year to  build the school  and  for  the  opening  ceremony  the  head of the village came .

Now I am in this village for three years and even my friend john. now  it’s like a  small  town  and it’s not the  village  that it  was there when we  come .  now it’s  with electricity, fine roads , busses  and  taxies and  lot more  but still I  didn’t do a thing I and my friend  john had a idea we  had a plan to  make  houses  to  everyone in the  village. for that one  five years  went  and  everyone was pleased at  us .and  now  we want  to put  solar panels to  every house   we  spend  our  money and took them .it took  six months to  do this .  then I made a  cloth  garment and  some farms and a shopping complex this  gave  each of  the people  a job  my last job was to  fix  the  dam.  I talked with the head of the village, and john and did this. This repairing got like 1 year and did my last job. Was so happy and proud as well as myfriend .we hope we did our job properly.




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