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Science international forum Kuwait, an inspiring platform created for students, engages young minds with ‘STEM’ based challenges to become not just problem solvers but solution creators.
- Dr. Shantha Maria James
Indian Central School, Kuwait

I have a pleasure to become a part of SIF Kuwait chapter and play a small role to this scientific social welfare program. My impression of participation with the peer group was very practical and enjoyable. I think it is a meaningful high quality scientific activity that can be carried out using SIF forum. I would recommend Indian students to take up such opportunities, not only for the sake of winning awards or meeting top professional scientist, but more to know about our ancestors achievements and their contribution to advanced scientific values and hold up the national pride.
- Dr. Mohan S Rana
Senior Research Scientist
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

SIF, since its inception in September 2014, has succeeded in creating a unique platform that provides an excellent opportunity for the Indian students and teaching fraternity in Kuwait to experience the achievements and developments in the field of Science and Technology.
- Smt Asha Sharma
Indian learners Own Academy, Kuwait.

S.I.F Kuwait is a great platform for the budding scientists of tomorrow. It encourages students who wish to take science as a career, to enhance their scientific skills. It gives them a life time opportunity to meet and interact with several renowned science personalities of India. Thanks to all the organizers for making it a success.
- Ms Bharati Takkar
H.O.D (Science Department),
Indian English Academy School (DONBOSCO), Kuwait

Science International Forum (SIF) is a dedicated organization for the promotion of science education in order to develop scientific temperament among young learners by organizing various activities. keeping in mind the evolution of scientific inventions and discoveries, the forum aims to bring such basic awareness among the lovers of science and prepare them to deal with global challenges through scientific answers. It's interesting to engage ourselves in this process of learning and move forward in search of truth with the scientific tools... for the better known humanitarian world. The success of SIF in Kuwait in a year's time is commendable as the record number of above three thousand five hundred students participated in its first exam and the winners received awards from veteran scientist, father of India's super computer Padmabhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. The ongoing activities... may it be publication of online science magazine or science fiction writing contests, all have become passion for students. With this, we hope that the forum continues to provide opportunities to budding scientists by igniting their minds and exposing their scientific talent to excel themselves. Best of luck...
- K. Gangadhar Shirsath
The Indian Community School Kuwait-Khaitan

For a successful life, like a chemical reaction, one should know its thermodynamic feasibility, extent with respect to its equilibrium and its kinetic factors!
- Ravi Ayanoli
Vice Principal,

The forum is a platform for children of ICSK to identify, explore and understand scientific concepts with greater intensity. Today understanding scientific challenges requires enhanced motivation which is showcased by the forum aggressively. Participation of students in the recent ‘Shastrapratibha Contest’ 2015 is overwhelming. ICSK Junior is committed to encouraging scientific application in students. The forum provides a suitable opportunity to students in contributing to analytical thinking. The increasing capacity and wide exposure of the forum is much appreciated by the premier institution that has an existence of over half a century in Kuwait. I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes and goodwill to the forum for invigorating and inspiring scientific minds in years to come!
- Mrs. Sherly Dennis
Principal incharge,
ICSK Junior

Our world needs more number of innovators and scientists for sustainable development. SIF is doing the noble service by organizing different types of science programs which is aimed to increase the interest of school children and people towards science. My best wishes to all the office bearers and members in SIF to enjoy the best outcome out of their time and effort for organizing different spectrum of science programs.
- Dr. S. Neelamani
Senior Research Scientist,
Coastal Management Program, Environment and Life Sciences Research Centre,
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Science International Forum, organizes science exhibitions/fairs and it takes forward the part of our initiative to inculcate the importance of science in the mind of our student. Its presence in Kuwait is filled with demonstration of the science-in-action wherein the students learns the practical manner in which science operates in the world around us. It has motivated the students to explore the environment around us as well as find out more about the workings of various mechanisms whereby scientific theories/principles work.
- Kalyani Mukherjee
Kuwait Indian School,

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