One World, One Heart -By-Efrem J. Charls- Grade 7, ICSK Ammam

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One World, One Heart -By-Efrem J. Charls- Grade 7, ICSK Ammam

One World, One Heart

  • By: Efrem J. Charls

In 2025 I got a project to develop one of India’s most remote places with a project funding of 15 crore rupees. I thought it to be an extremely scarce chance to find such a place in a modern country like India. Anyways, my researchers brought me to a place in Odisha called “Singhanali” in my aero-ship, the Indian Centaur. Once we reached there I was amused to see a place so underdeveloped in India; this was beyond my wildest imaginations. As the ship descended to the ground, all the natives there started panicking and running into their huts in fear, some others jumped inside hay stacks thinking that this ship was some giant creature coming to eat them. After the ship completely landed, I and my assistant got out – all the people were peeping out of the hay stacks and their huts looking at us.

The ship was sent back to report that we had reached safely. Meanwhile, the people had slowly come up near us with great curiosity & fear. Seeing their fear my assistant spoke to them in their language and conveyed them that we hadn’t come to hurt them rather to help them. Now, some of their brave started touching us and pulling our ties to make sure we were humans. Once their inspection was over they gave us one of their best huts to stay. I was expecting one of their best huts to have bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a swimming pool etc. but to my astonishment their best hut was a hut with a fan on the ceiling and that too a one which would fall down on our heads any moment. Well, we somehow managed that night in that ‘best hut’ with me wishing it to be morning as soon as possible. The next day was very special for me because it was the first time in my life that I woke up to a cock’s cry; it was very rarely that one would hear the cry of cock in the morning. I had only 1 month time to develop this place and so I spent 3 days of the first week thinking what to do by the bank of the river near their village through which the world’s ‘freshest water’ was passing. I was contemplating the basis on which I could develop this place, simultaneously enjoying the cool breeze from the river when suddenly a strong wind just blew away the plan paper from my hands. I ran after it but was too late. The paper had been carried away by the river. But the incident had brought an idea on what could I do to develop that place – “Build wind mills” – one of the most essential things the place needed was electricity! Then within 2 two days’ time the windmills were in place and the village had electricity for the first time. But though they got electricity I and my assistant had to spend a whole day going in the huts of all those families teaching them how to use electricity. Well after all that, on the 7th day since my stay, I noticed that these people lacked hospital facilities nor did they have schools to educate their children. So within a weeks’ time we had a hospital and a school near the village which had robot assisted teaching and caring facilities which was combined with distance learning technology.

After all that on the 15th day I and my assistant discussed about our further plans for the village and saw that the village was quite stable for now. Two days later we noticed that during the day there was bright sunlight near the river banks and built a couple of solar panels there. By now the people there loved us so much that they were sad when they came to know that we two would be going back after about a fortnight. We consoled them somehow and told them that we would come 2 weeks a month to meet them and stay with them. Saying that we calmed them down and slept that night. But by 1 in the night, due to the strong breeze, a forest nearby had caught fire by continuous rubbing between dry tree branches. The village people woke us up asking us what to do. We contacted the fire force and asked them to come there as soon as possible and extinguish the fire. The fire force was there just in the nick of time and extinguished the fire. But one of the huts had got burnt in the flames but fortunately the family staying there were rescued.

The next day we built them a new house and renovated the huts of all the other people and transformed them into strong houses designed to reduce chances of getting on fire. But I was so keen on not giving them cooking gas but instead made for them an open-air kitchen so that they may use the biogas from their organic waste as their cooking gas. After that we built a few automated sprinklers and water sprayers in the forest so that if at any cost another forest fire occurs it wouldn’t be as disastrous as the former. After all that we had only 10 days more for us to go back. But by now I too was depressed at the thought of leaving them. Yet I consoled myself with my own words that I would visit them 2 weeks a month. Now on the 25th day I appointed proper jobs for the people of the village so that they would have their own earning to live and along with which they could do some agriculture in the paddy fields which they own. But I had also made sure that everyone had a job which gives everyone an equal amount of salary so that there will be equality and no one would be jealous of each other. Well by now we have only 3 more days to leave. We spared the last 2 days for the people of the village so that we might have a nice time with them. On the last day, before my departure I gave them my ship, the Indian Centaur, for the village and taught a young man of 24, the controls of the ship so that in case of any emergency the ship could be used. After all of them hugged us and wept aloud we boarded on another ship and ascended into the sky.

The rest is onto you my reader……….


Name: Efrem Joseph Charls

School: Indian Community School Kuwait, Amman

Class: VII(7th) – C

Age: 12


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