My Experience at National Children’s Science Congress-2016 by: KS Abhinaya, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

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My Experience at National Children’s Science Congress-2016 by: KS Abhinaya, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

25th December 2016

Today, we got our bags ready and reached the airport at 9:30 pm. That is where I met the other students who were going to travel with me: Farhan and Vaishnav. There was excitement in all our faces. This was the first time we had traveled out of the country without our parents.

After we said our goodbyes to our families, we moved to immigration. By 12 midnight we were all seated in the flight .

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26th December 2016

By 12:45 am we were off in the flight to Mumbai. After a disturbed sleep in the flight, reached Mumbai by 7:00 in the morning. We got off the plane and entered the bright and bustling Mumbai’s Chattrapati Shivaji Airport. At the food court, we enjoyed a nice breakfast. After that we were seated in the plane to Pune by 10:30. That’s when we heard the announcement that flight had been delayed. We had to sit in the flight for around an hour and an half, before we took off. Within an hour or so, we were at Pune.

We collected the baggage and came out. I was happy when I saw that NCSC had arranged a transport for us to reach the college. We got in the car and were informed of the hostel me and Sindhu Ma’am were going to stay for the next 5 days – Girls Hostel D. Farhan and Vaishnav were going to stay in Boys Hostel – D.

The car journey seemed never ending. I had a nice sleep. After what seemed like forever, we reached the campus of Vidhya Pratisthan Institute of Information Technology (VIIT) by 5:00 in the evening. Me and Sindhu Ma’am headed for the girls Hostel and there we met Lakshmi Sahiti, the 4th student from Kuwait. We left our baggage in our room 212 and went out to explore the campus. It was a nice relaxation after the tiresome journey. The ambience was amazing. We then visited the administrative block, where the GCC Coordinator, Abga Sir handed to us our ID cards. We also received bags on behalf of NCSC. In the bag there were supplies ranging from toothpaste, shampoo to soap and comb. That night, we ate our dinner at the Nawale Mess. We came back and retired to our beds. \

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27th December 2016


The next morning began the first day of the grand National Children’s Science Congress. Mary Ma’am also joined us. We were all excited to see the other students who had come from all over the country as well as from other Gulf and ASEAN Countries. We ate our breakfast and then there was a rally prior to the inauguration.

In the rally, students from various states wore their traditional dress and held up their banner. The gulf Countries were together. Through the rally we went around the campus holding the banner. Along the side, the students of the VIIT School stood and cheered us on. After reaching the main ground, Shrimati Sunetra Pawar Ji addressed the students. Flag hoisting also took place. We were then lead to the Ga Di Ma Hall were the inauguration took place. Various eminent persons including Shri Harsha Vardhan Ji, the Minister of Science and Technology, addressed us. The colorful morning was brightened by the various addresses of the dignitaries.

After the lunch the technical sessions were going to begin. Before lunch, we went to the admin block to check the list of students who would be presenting that day. None of the GCC or ASEAN countries had presentations that day. So instead of sulking in the bed, Lakshmi and I headed to the Exhibition and Activity Centre. Sindhu Ma’am headed to the escort teacher’s Workshop.

The exhibition had a variety of exhibits. The One Foundation had presented an exhibit on TANGRAMS. There was a presentation of a variety of airplanes. After these enlightening experiences, me and Lakshmi want to the food stalls. Everything was so mouth-watering and inviting. We ate pani puri and relished it.

After that, we returned to the hostel to have a break. We then were touring the beautiful ambience of the campus which was so relaxing. After having dinner, we started preparing for the important presentation the next day. Laksmi’s presentation was in the morning session, while others were in the afternoon session.

After a proper preparation, we retired to sleep.

28th December 2016


Today morning, we wished Lakshmi our wishes and Lakshmi proceeded to the presentation room. Me, Farhan and Vaishnav continued practicing our presentations. Before lunch, the rooms for our presentation were put up. After lunch, we went to the hostels to collect our charts and then we proceeded to the admin block where all the parallel technical sessions were going to be conducted. Me and Sindhu Ma’am reached the room where my presentation was about to take place L.2, on the second floor. My presentation was the last of the 8 people in my room. As I began my presentation, I was filled with nervousness. But seeing the kind and calm faces of the judges, I relaxed and was able to present my research very well. All of us came out of the room with a smile on our faces. So the huge tension was off our heads.

Now it was time to absorb all the science we were provided with.

In the evening, they conducted an interaction with the other Gulf and ASEAN Countries. We relaxed for the rest of the tiring day. After dinner, we went to bed.

29th December 2016


Today morning, we the first thing we checked was if any of us had made it through to the next round of selection. Sadly, no one from GCC had made it past the first round. Since we were not allowed in the room for the second round of technical sessions, we and the rest of the GCC Team proceeded to the museum in the campus. Varma Sir, Qatar Coordinator, suggested that we should perform for the cultural as one team, GCC. The museum housed the collection of  Shri Sharad Pawar Ji. His collection were never ending. He had collections of the gifts received from various dignitaries from various countries. There was also many other beautiful souvenirs as well. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Through this trip to the museum, we made eternal friends. That afternoon, after lunch, we began our practice for the cultural program. We practiced for almost 5 hours. By 6 in the evening, we were ready. We proceeded to the Ga Di Ma Hall and our program was a great success.

With a smile on our face, we went to bed.

30th December 2016


Today was our trip to the KVK Farm ( Krishi Vaigyanik Kendra ). It was a great learning experience. We saw various crops including Cauliflower, Tomato and Chilli. They also had fish breeding centers and proper systems for irrigation. Their farms were organic and they used a unique method to remove pests.

They had a blue and yellow sheet which attracted the insects. When they touch the surface of these sheets, the pests die. It was an enlightening experience. We came back to the hostel by 2 in the afternoon.

That evening, Me along with few others students as well as teachers visited the local Baramathi Market. We visited many shops and enjoyed ourselves. We came back to the hostel by 7 and had dinner.

Realization dawned upon us that we were leaving the next day. There was mixed emotions within us. We were happy we were going to be with our families again but we were also sad as who knew when we would all meet up together again. With this mixed emotion, we went to bed.

31th December 2016

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Today was the last day of the five day long extravagant fest. We finished our final packing and proceeded for breakfast. After coming back, we did a final check to make sure we had not left anything behind. We then proceeded to the bus and by 11, we were off to the airport with the students and teachers form UAE and Bahrain.

It was a really long journey and for some reason, I felt that it was longer that it took when we reached here. After what seemed like forever, we reached the airport. We hopped on the flight to Pune along with the Bahrain team. We reached Mumbai in a jiffy. After that we parted ways with the Bahrain team and we got into the flight to Kuwait.

This has been a memorable trip. It was a great learning experience. I made such good friends. I have came across such innovative ideas and I have got to know so much in Science and every other field. Overall, this has been the best event I have ever taken part in.

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