Manish Jain to hold Two Days Workshop for Students in Kuwait

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May 9, 2017
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Manish Jain to hold Two Days Workshop for Students in Kuwait

Science International Forum (SIF), Kuwait in association with Kuwait National Exchange is organizing two days’ workshopby Sri. Manish Jain (IIT Gandhinagar), one of the best Science communicators in India. The workshop will be held at BharatiyaVidyaBhavan, Abbasiya from 9.30AM till 4.30PM on 27th and 28th of October, 2017.The workshop arranged with a goal to bring back the gleam in the eyes, named as “Amazing Science &Maths” will be a unique opportunity for children to have lots of fun, games, making of toys while they learn the wonderful concepts in Science and Mathematics. Students from Grade 5 to 12 are eligible for registration.

This workshop will have a lot of interesting stories of Science which brings forth the inherent creativity and sense of wonder.  Sherlock’s Holmes mystery to find the direction of cycle by looking at the tracks using calculus, make a sprinkler from the straw and figure out at what angles does water go the farthest, levitate the pen in the air and find out the forces acting on it which make it levitate, real four reasons behind days and nights on earth and moon are few among the wonderful experience awaiting the workshop attendees. This hands-on approach to Science and Mathematics where students we will build, cut, stick, pull things apart and put things together, make platonic solids, 3D structures, spinners, motors, generators, gliders will definitely make learning joyous and experiential.

This is the second time SIF Kuwait is conducting workshop led by Sri Manish Jain. Earlier in March 2017, the teachers workshop held as part of the Annual Science Gala, got much attention and interest. Those attended the workshop were excited to learn the new style of teaching and agreed that, if implemented, such an approach would make the student life easier. The importance of such workshops, to introduce innovative transformations in both the teaching and learning field, should be realizedin today’s competitive and fast-paced world where the children don’t get enough time to explore and amaze at the wonders of Science.

Sri. Manish Jain is famous for his style of communicating even the toughest principles of Science and Math with ease to those who attends his session. He currently works at the IUCAA Science Center in Pune making short films on interesting research, designing toys and activities, conducting workshops and teacher trainings, and making popular science films.

Seats are limited and the acceptance of registration is based on first come first basis.For Registration and other details please call99510738 /97699815 (Abbasiya), 97112296 (Salmiya), 66763164 (Farwaniya) and 55981575 (Fahaheel).

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