IGNITE-2016- Sibin Mathew-Transformation using Technology- A Memoir by Dr.Mathew

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IGNITE-2016- Sibin Mathew-Transformation using Technology- A Memoir by Dr.Mathew

Transformation using Technology- A Memoir by Dr.Mathew

I stared myself proudly through the huge smudged smoky mirror of my living quarters for a couple of minutes prior buttoning the last button of my shirt. Before I could snap out someone apparently stalked through the room whispering gently into my ear “You are the future, and Light”. As the mirror could not yield any physical dimension casted by the source of sound I turned around in panic. Nothing but a piece of paper kept fluttering around which seemed pretty unthreatening. Cautiously I finished up my business taking a deep breath to settle up. Shortly, my pal Bhola, a poor cart driver of Kashipur village rushed in affirming all was good to go. I grabbed my Panama hat and headed to the parking lot.

Bhola’s life was tragic and further more a burly Sindhi draught bull he bought up as a calf died during last drought. It was the only wealth he possessed and part of family. To get over his situation I gifted him a solar fuelled van I developed during my IISc days. We had to reach ‘Warba’ the heart of Kashipur as scheduled, for the day ahead was going to be an icebreaker for all its vulnerable souls where once poverty, prolonged epidemics and famine had its toll. The first day I moved in, Kashipur was more like a desert. There were no kids playing or birds chirping. People were exhausted and I could sense weakness through their eyes. The healthy had to wander far in search of provisions to keep others alive. Vast fields transformed to dried bushes. All harmony and luster of the landscape was lost to the past.

Remarkably, today the bare mud roads and lush green fields had added contrast in their colors diffused with fragrance of fresh blossoms. “Our birdies and bunnies have come back too Masterji”, Bhola affirmed as if he was reading my mind. On reaching Warba, villagers from multiple directions began flocking in along with us. Well to cut down the suspense it would be worth mentioning that BBC was covering us for a documentary based on the Jaagran project I was heading. At the Central Control Station Mr. Howard the senior journalist introduced me his crew and we shook hands. National channels too had their counterpart joining for a live broadcast. Dr. Devi and Prof. Hassan were assigned introductory briefing of Jaagran.

Behind the scenes, two years ago I was relocated here by Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) as a part of my professional assignment backed up by MRD and DRDA. After earning a PhD in Instrumentation and Applied Physics I wandered through the busy packed cities hoping to provide some sunshine in the lives of people inventing something wonderful. Also further forging my research laterally developed the first of its kind prototype Ultra-conductor electromagnet in myworkshop. Multinational private organizations at home as well as abroad offered irresistible packages for signing a deal after foreseeing its breakthrough applications. This made me board a plane of confusion on where to land until one fine afternoon while scanning pages of a science journal found my true destiny. It was an article based on the extraordinary life of Prof. I.M Dharmadasa and his contributions to weaker sections of the society. I figured out that filling a cup that was already full was totally unwise. There were more underprivileged people who could benefit utmost from modern innovations. Mentally fighting through turbulences in my mind concluded to approach the government and dedicate my services to the deserved.

Hence, Jaagran was born. An initial task was to compare the past and present conditions of the region allocated in order to put forth a revival plan. I moved in with the local residents to blend with their culture. Superstition was prominent in the society and self-proclaimed fraud demy-gods called Siddhibaba’s took surplus advantage of the poor confining their lives to a fabled world of lies. I attended various conventions and busted their tricks using simple science thereby opening up a few eyes. Sensing a threat to their existence plans were plotted against me almost driving the Gramsabha take a grouchy stance.

Accused of bringing disgrace to the village and tampering its tranquility the wicked succeeded in convincing the panel of me being a descendant of Kalyug who could rain havoc over the region. All hopes turned pale pleading for a chance to prove myself. Finally, the Sarpanch, an old wise man overwhelmed with my confidence granted a period of 51 days to change the fate of his people or face consequences. Time was scarce and I had to row against the wind. Some enlightened villagers offered to help covertly sensing righteousness in my actions. Initial studies revealed water shortage as the mother of all troubles. It was my passport to success if I were to create an abundant supply. There was a long gone waterhole down the outskirts of the village and people depended on it throughout the year until the water level diminished a decade ago. They tried running high power pumps and drilling all in vain.

I needed upgraded motors with minimum losses and high efficiency as solar power was the only available option to drive them. To accomplish the task all copper windings had to be replaced with ‘Zeronium’, the element of surprises, discovered during Venus Rock Sampling missions organized by ISRO recently. My thesis covered superconducting properties of Zeronium. It possessed a record breaking Critical Temperature attaining transition at 290K or better which almost triples that of Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide high –Tc superconductors. Tc was found to correlate directly with planar weight ratio (PWR), and artificial ultraconductors could be synthesized using progressively higher planar weight ratios. The obstruction was that it could be artificially synthesized only in advanced labs and the quantity I possessed was merely enough for a toy motor.

After nerve breaking trials and errors, on the 49th day I managed to set up a Chemical Vapor Deposition mechanism that utilized plasma to enhance chemical reaction rates of the precursors. PCVD processing helped Zeronium deposition at lower temperatures on to the large copper coils using nanoparticle surface functionalization only using trace amounts. Geologist Prof. Hassan and his team of amateurs joined in to assist me. Solar panels were assembled and installed to drive all the pumps with temperature controlled cores located inactive water nodes. 51st day, amidst the confused crowd I energized my control panel gushing out fresh groundwater as never before drenching all in tears of joy. Canals and tanks irrigated the fields and cattle farms boisterously once again.

Later the same technology was utilized to locally assemble MRI machines operating over 1.5T at relatively low cost aiding Dr. Devi to carry out detailed diagnostics improvising the persisting medical condition and drastically reducing the number of fatal cases. Life expectancy rates hiked reaching normal. Within a year the whole scenario of Kashipur reformed making it the first model green village. Wind farms, solar hubs,  and Ultraconductor power lines were added recently to Jaagran inventory.

The documentary coverage hit its climax when I diclosed my plans to move on and continue my quest saving more Kashipurs on the way as the ‘Voice’ had revealed.

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